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Rest In Peace, Nirakar

Payment Methods:

The Aerobatic Company and Flight School, Inc. has four preferred payment methods. Our prices are listed in USA Dollars. :

1) Cash: We accept cash payments in USA Dollars.

2) Bank Check: We will gladly accept your bank check. We reserve the right to postpone all training until your bank check has cleared. All funds are in USA Dollars.

3) Wire Transfer: We will accept direct bank to bank transfers. We will e mail you the required wire transfer instructions. All funds are in USA Dollars.

4) PayPal: We will send you an online invoice for payment via PalPal. Payments are in USA Dollars. An additional charge of up to 2.9% will be added to the invoice to cover the fees charged to the Aerobatic Company and Flight School, Inc by PayPal. We need your valid e-mail address for this option.

Please refer to our Pricing Information or contact us for final pricing.

Thank you,