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Rest In Peace, Nirakar

On Sunday, July 7, 2011, our good friend Nirakar ( Bernd-Mathias Steffan ) went on his final flight. We will all miss his intoxicating smile and love of all that is airplanes and life.
God Speed my friend.

Video: Nirakar goes for an aerobatic flight

Nirakar's web site

' Love is the polar star ' Everything moves, only love never moves. Everything changes, only love remains permanent. In this changing world only love is the unchanging substance. Everything else is a flux, momentary. Only love is eternal. So these two things you have to remember. One is love, because that is the only thing that non-illusory. That is the only reality; everything else is a dream. So if one can become loving, one becomes real. If one attains to total love, one has become himself, the truth, because love is the only truth.

And the second thing. When you are walking, remember that something in you never walks. That's your soul, your polar star. You eat, but something in you never eats. You become angry, but something in you never becomes angry. You do a thousand and one things, but something in you remains absolutely beyond doing. That is your polar star. So walking, remember that which never walks. Moving, remember the immobile. Talking, remember silence. Doing things, remember being.

Always remember that which is absolutely permanent, which never flickers, never wavers, which knows no change. That unchanging one within you is the real. And love is the way to find it. That's why I call love the most real thing. So love is going to be the path. And that polar star within you - call it God, kingdom of the within, atma, soul, or whatsoever - but that polar star, that permanent substance in you, your very essence, that is the goal. Love is the way. OSHO